Drivers Training South Bay

Drivers Training South Bay

Driver training is the “behind the wheel” instruction portion of learning to drive. California requires a minimum of six hours of driving lessons with a DMV licensed instructor.

Once taught by the public high schools, budget cuts have eliminated free driver training classes in California. Almost every teen attends a local driving school.

Before you can get your learners permit, you must obtain a Certificate of Completion from the school where you take driver education.

You must also obtain a Certificate of Enrollment from the local driving school that you plan to attend.

These two certificates along with a fee of $24.00 and your birth certificate must be presented to your local DMV office to allow you to take the written DMV drivers license exam. When you pass the DMV exam you are issued a California Lerners Permit.

Your new Learners Permit will not be valid until after you complete your first driver training lesson and the instructor signs your permit.